My day In Coppell TX

The owner of Coppell Pest Control Pros visits the town!

Coppell, Texas: A Place For Visitors To Find Both Adventure and Relaxation

Before visiting Coppell, Texas, I made sure to look up the many different attractions and places to eat located within the city. My search lead me to, the chamber of commerce website for Coppell. While on the site I learned a little more about the city while also noting down interesting events I could attend during my stay.


Once I had made it to Texas, I found my way to the Coppell Farmers Market. I wanted something fresh and healthy to start my day off with, so I bought some locally grown fruit and a hearty package of trail mix.


Next, I went to the Urban Air Trampoline Park for some fun exercise. The park was separated into different levels according to the different ages and fitness levels of customers. I had a fun time, while also meeting a few new people along the way. When I needed a break I was greeted with free wifi and a place to eat my Famers Market snacks. After my exhaustive yet thrilling experience at the trampoline park, I cooled down inside at the Cozby library for an open mic night.


Throughout my day in Coppell, Texas, I got to taste the locally grown food, find adventure at Urban Air Trampoline Park, and finally wind down my day by listening to poetry at the local library. One day, I hope to experience more of what the city has to offer. For now, I’ll certainly remember my eventful day in Coppell, Texas.


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